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The AFORE Workshop in Stockholm

1.1.2011 0:00 - 1.1.2011 0:00  


At the last day of the Nordic Wood and Biorefinery Conference in Stockholm next year the EU-project AFORE holds a local workshop.

AFORE is an EU-project coordinated by VTT, Finland. Its aim is to develop novel bio-based solutions for the separation, fractionation, and primary upgrading of green forest-based chemicals. These will be used as starting materials for current and novel value-added applications. At the workshop in March some results from the project will be presented.

The workshop is free of charge.

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Workshop Programme:

  • Overview of the AFORE EU project
    Anna Suurnäkki, VTT, Coordinator

  • Black liquor as a source of chemicals
    Separation of lignin and hemicelluloses from black liquor, Fredrik Öhman, Innventia
    Isolation of hydroxy acids from black liquor, Klaus Niemelä, VTT
    Production of bio-oil by catalytic pyrolysis of lignin, Angelos Lappas, CERTH

  • Wood and forest residues as a source of chemicals
    Supercritical CO2 extraction of wood valuable compounds, Carlos Silva, University of Aveiro

    Ionic liquid treatment of wood and biomass - possibilities and pitfalls,
    Timo Repo, University of Helsinki

    Efficient biomass fractionation based on phosphinic acid/acetic acid cooking at moderate temperature, Sari Hyvärinen, VTT

  • Mill integration of AFORE concepts and market assessment of their products
    Åsa Samuelsson, Innventia
    Tobias Stern, Wood K-Plus

  • Poster presentation, cocktail & snack

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Local Workshop
Åsa Samuelsson, INNVENTIA
+46 8 676 7413

AFORE EU-project
Anna Suurnäkki, VTT

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