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VTT EcoVillage Exhibition

20.7.2018 18:00 - 25.7.2018 10:00 Helsinki Fashion Week

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What is VTT EcoVillage Exhibition all about?

Helsinki Fashion Week (HFW) is an international event that takes visitors on a journey of Finnish life, fashion, design and wellbeing, with sustainability at its core. The five days programme of HFW highlights eco-driven lifestyle with focus on mental wealth over material wealth. HFW gathers a large number of partners to create a sustainable business model that can be highly profitable, at the same time ensuring positive physical and mental wellbeing.

EcoVillage, which is a part of HFW offering, is a unique experience of a world where circular economy and sustainable values are the basis for every aspect of human existence. This green world concept is demonstrated as a platform that enables connection and co-creation between industries and research institutions, ongoing dialog with consumers, and creative approach to technological innovation. This approach makes it possible to develop and establish novel nature-friendly value chains leading to zero-waste society.

By organizing the VTT EcoVillage Exhibition VTT aims to communicate its vision of the future of everyday life, grouped into modules called “LOOK”, “LIVE” and “FEEL”. The modules address human experiences and environmental impart they create. The exhibition questions conventional ways of materials’ consumption and disposal, while demonstrating sustainable alternatives, based on the latest research and innovation outcomes provided by VTT and its partners.

Visitors are invited on an adventure of seeing, touching, smelling and listening to the variety of bio-based solutions for living environment, in every stage of development process from exclusive laboratory scale samples to commercially available products.

The Exhibition venue is located in Laajasalo area, Öljysäiliö 468, Koirasaarentie 35, 00590 Helsinki.

Free entrance to exhibition.

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Invitational Opening Event of the VTT EcoVillage Exhibition is on 20.7.2018

To request for a personal invitation, please send an email to


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Image credits: VTT, DWoC, Saara Kinnunen (HAMK); Heidi Turunen (Aalto University), Ko-Ho, Plastec.