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VTT demos


​VTT demos presented at Sense´19:

T-tag​​A low cost, thin, wireless, label-type temperature logger for logistics monitoring.​​​Maria Smolander
​SAFTIR​​Novel point-of-need diagnostic platform for animal health and food safety.Mikko Utriainen
VTT wearable platform​Measurement and analysis platform for next-generation wearable sensors.Tomi Mattila
​​MEMS mirror for LIDAR​VTT, in collaboration with Murata Electronics Oy, has developed piezoelectrically actuated MEMS mirrors for automotive LIDAR. The wobbling mirror enables 360° field of view with 15° mechanical tilt angle at 1.5kHz rotation frequency. Mirror operation is demonstrated in an optical setup and with a high-speed video.Jukka Kyynäräinen

Dmitry Morits

​Bubble size analyser​A demonstration of an optical measurement instrument designed for flotation process monitoring with edge computing capability.Vili Kellokumpu
​Hyperspectral MicroscopeThe Fabry-Perot technology (FPI) enabled hyperspectral microscope reveals previously unseen details in plant samples.Roberts Trops
​Air flow measurement using PMUT (Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer)Ultrasound based flow measurement demonstration in air ventilation pipe.

Teuvo Sillanpää

David Gomes Martins

Lora radio​Low power long range radio to measure environmental parameters.Matti Sopanen

Ultra-sensitive sensors and electronics for space, quantum computing and THz imaging

 At a temperature of a few Kelvin or below, many metals behave as superconductors, experiencing zero electric resistivity. In this regime, quantum behaviour can be observed, such as coherent tunneling of Cooper pairs and entangled quantum states in quantum bits, or qubits. We build ultra-sensitive sensors and low-noise electronics based on these phenomena: The X-ray calorimeter readout for a space telescope, the ultra-sensitive Josephson parametric amplifier for qubit readout, and Kinetic Inductance Bolometer array for THz imaging are demonstrated.Juho Luomahaara
​360 degree panoramic lens for thermal imagingInnovative monolithic omnilens design to warp a 360 degree panoramic view on a single sensor.Mauri Aikio


Mm-wave imaging radar​Live demonstration of 60 GHz imaging radar.Henrik Forsten

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