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VTT Symposium on Service Innovation

1.1.2011 0:00 - 1.1.2011 0:00  



Key note: Combining scientific and societal goals in VTT’s service research - Research Professor Marja Toivonen

Session 1: Servitization and deepening the service-dominant logic
Taru Hakanen: Developing integrated solutions in B-to-B service networks
Anu Seisto: Service possibilities in the value chain of printed magazines
Mervi Murtonen: ”Kibsification” of private security services: Towards more knowledge-intensive security offerings
Tiina Valjakka: Framing the challenges of the transformation in three industries towards service business

Key note: Service innovations – sources and trajectories - Stephen Evans, Director of EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Industrial Sustainability, Cambridge University

Session 2: Customer needs and user-driven service innovation
Eija Kaasinen: Involving users in service co-creation
Kaisa Still: Social media supported indicators for user-driven service innovation
Heidi Korhonen: Understanding corporate customers’ service needs
Session 3: New approaches in service research
Toni Ahlqvist: Building capacities for systemic change: diversified roadmap in the context of VTT’sservice research network
Robert van der Have: The role of client and user involvement for servitization and non-technological innovation in Finnish manufacturing establishments
Jukka Ranta: Simulation of Effects of Alternative Strategies in Health Care Services – The Dynamics of Lung Cancer

Summary of the day and Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) for Services - Research Professor Pentti Vähä


Services play an increasingly important role in present society. VTT is one of the central developers of service activities and in many sectors taken the lead in service research in Finland. VTT is also becoming a well-known actor in this area at the international level.

VTT aims to further strengthen its forerunning role, highlighting the importance of service innovations in particular. The relevance and benefits to the Finnish industry and society continue to be the guiding principles in these efforts.

This symposium is a continuation and extension of the first VTT service symposium organised in 2008. The symposium is open to our clients and partners. The purpose is to disseminate information about central topics and recent results in VTT’s service research. The material of the symposium will be compiled into a publication.


The symposium presents VTT’s research from several perspectives:

How to combine the goals of customer centricity and efficient service production

How to develop a system of interacting parts that include people,technology, and business

How to foster mutual understanding between the customer and the provider and to develop co-production in service practice

The symposium will feature papers and several presentations on recently completed and on-going VTT service research projects. These topics of these presentations cover the whole service value chain and the spectrum of different types of activities, from the production of “pure” services to the delivery of product-service offerings. Service-enabling technologies are a part of the interest. Both business-to-business and business-to-customer services are covered, as well as both the private and the public sectors. The symposium draws on ideas from different disciplines and aims to foster fruitful dialog between them.


Stephen Evans will join the symposium as the international keynote speaker. He will discuss the subject of “Service Innovations – sources and trajectories”. Evans has been Professor of Life Cycle Engineering at Cranfield University since 1998. He has worked collaboratively with leading industrial and academic institutions from around the globe. Before his academic career Evans spent 12 years in industry, working for the improvement of engineering performance. Evans’s research seeks a deep understanding of how industry brings sustainability concerns into its design, manufacture and service practices, with a dual emphasis on urgent and practical change now and system level change that offers hope for a sustainable future. His interests are in implementation, with emphasis on the organisational challenges of co-operation and innovation faced by business as it seeks radical improvement.

The second speaker in the symposium, Marja Toivonen, is Research Professor in VTT in the field of service innovation and service business models. She will be speaking on the subject ”Combining scientific and societal goals in VTT’s service research”. Toivonen has a PhD. in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Helsinki University of Technology. In addition to being a Research Professor in VTT, she is also Adjunct Professor at Aalto University, where she teaches services development in the Master’s Programme ‘Service Engineering and Management’. Toivonen has written several articles and book chapters on service topics and been an invited speaker in many international conferences. She is a council member in RESER (European Association for Research on Services).


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