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Webinaari: Cellulose-based plastics

27.9.2018 17:00 - 27.9.2018 18:00 Webinaari

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​Thermoplastics out of cellulose renewing the industry

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In the first part of VTT´s bio-based plastics webinar series, we talked how FDCA and muconic acid are transforming the industry.

In this webinar, VTT will be releasing its latest results in cellulose-based thermoplastics development. Join us to learn about how thermoplastic cellulose esters are transforming the industry.

Since the 1950s, plastics have revolutionized the way we live and become an essential part of our daily lives. Approximately 322 million tons of plastic are produced today, representing over 210 times the production of 1950s and over 50 % more than five years ago. Bioplastics are thought to be alternatives for fossil-based plastics, but so far globally only 2% of the yearly production are renewable and a considerably smaller share is based on cellulosics. It is often presumed that a cellulosic derivative alone is not suitable for existing plastic converting equipment without external additives, but this is flawed.

By bringing thermoplastic properties to cellulose, it is possible to prepare high quality materials that can be converted into, for instance, plastics for everyday applications, packaging materials, composites and textiles.

Key learning objectives:

  1. Learn about the patent landscape and the direction of R&D and commercial trends for cellulose-based thermoplastics
  2. Why are we still using crude oil and why is this a problem?
  3. Learn about these cellulose-based plastics and their properties
  4. Learn how thermoplastic cellulose esters can transform the plastic industry

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