Transportation Fuel Production within Existing Bioenergy and Mineral Oil Industries through Integrated Biomass Pyrolysis

The first stage includes preparation of bio oils at VTT for upgrading tests, hydrotreatment tests at PNNL in pilot scale using prepared oils, hydrotreatment tests at VTT using improved catalysts, catalytic pyrolysis tests with Finnish forest residue at USU and VTT, scale-up of catalytic pyrolysis at VTT to pilot-scale, characterization of feeds and products at VTT, and business scenarios, modelling, sustainability analysis, and assessments.

  • prepare a conventional refinery co-feedstock for a Fluid-Catalytic-Cracker (FCC), or a product which may be distilled

The second stage includes long term hydrotreatment tests with a preferred catalyst in optimized conditions, and pilot-scale catalytic pyrolysis tests at VTT to produce bio oil for testing purposes.

  • improve the FCC co-feed/distillable product.


Task 1 – Hydrodeoxygenation

Bio oil production at VTT

Development of hydrotreatment at PNNL

  • Production of oil samples for analysis and tests

Supporting work for hydrotreatment at VTT

  • Long term tests with different catalysts

Reduction of solid content of bio oil

Task 2 – Catalytic pyrolysis

Catalytic pyrolysis tests at the bench scale

  • VTT and USU experimental benchmarking
  • Testing of forest residues at USU
  • Products will be characterised at VTT

Catalytic pyrolysis tests

  • Longer term operation of the VTT bench scale unit
  • Variation of process parameters

Scale-up and operation in the pilot unit

  • Verification of the concept
  • Improvement of process, comparison to bench data
  • Input data for industrial development work

Task 3 - Characterization of products and intermediates

Characterization of bio-oils

  • VTT & PNNL
  • Determination of characterization methods for products and intermediates from upgrading
  • Development of necessary new methods
  • Quality of bio oil as a co-feed

Standards & norms

  • Collaboration within IEA Bioenergy Task 34
  • Characterization methods for properties defined in standards
  • Initiation of European standardization work
  • Information exchange in REACH measures

Task 4 - IEA Bioenergy, business scenarios and modelling

IEA Bioenergy special project “Competitiveness of emerging transportation biofuel processes”

  • Participating countries: Finland, USA, and Canada
  • Process comparison for new pyrolysis process concepts
  • The objective is a common development strategy to be established by 2013

Model preparation for the upgrading processes with AspenPlus

  • HDO flowsheet model
  • Catalytic pyrolysis model
  • Integration to the existing pyrolysis-power plant model
  • The models are used to predict industrial performance balances, which are used together with economic assessments to develop competitive concepts

Sustainability analysis is carried out as a specific project within the programme (a common task with gasification)