​AARRE tools

In AARRE-project we created tools to support companies involved in innovating and operating circular economy business models. Below you can find 1-page presenatations of the tools.


Identifyng the future needs: CE kaleidoscope 1 AARRE tool- CE kaleidoscope.pdf

Value creation in an ecosystem: Value hunting 2 AARRE tool- Value hunting.pdf

Customer understanding: Customer journey map 3 AARRE CJM tool.pdf

Environmental benefits: Environmental benefits assessment tool 4 AARRE environmental benefits.pdf

Logistics solutions: CE logistics spotlight 5 AARRE tool- CE logistics spotlight.pdf

Future business models: Circular business model innovation tool 7 AARRE CBMI tool.pdf

Rapid experimentations: Circular business model innovation process 8 AARRE CBMI Process Tool.pdf, Rapid business model experimentations tool 8 AARRE Rapid business model experimentations tool.pdf