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BOND - Blockchains Boosting Finnish Industry

In the future blockchain technology will be important part of novel ICT solutions, especially among IoT (Internet of Things), therefore it is essential that Finnish research organisations and companies build up competences, knowledge and adopt blockchain technology quickly. Finland has a unique opportunity to establish itself as one of the leading countries in adopting blockchain technology in various domain areas. Since blockchain is disruptive by nature, this requires developing the business competence as well as the technological competence.

BOND Vision

Finnish blockchain ecosystem consisting of public sector, research organisations and companies fully exploits the potential of blockchain technology in their research, business and technology portfolio. Finnish blockchain development and solutions are internationally competitive and well-known.

Main objective of the BOND-project

To form an understanding of blockchain tools, technologies, solutions and business possibilities in different domain areas, first focusing on Finnish business environment.


The project is a part of Tekes' Industrial Internet – Business Revolution programme: