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BOND - Blockchains Boosting Finnish Industry

Project objectives

‚ÄčBOND-project has objectives both on business and technical aspects.

Technical project objectives include that we understand the applicability of blockchain technology for Finnish enterprises from the operational and technological viewpoints. We want to to gather also knowledge of European level forces in blockchain including H2020 activities. During the project we will learn how to apply blockchain technologies in practice by conducting rapid technological experiments in industrial settings, based on business cases identified by participating companies. Lessons learned in rapid experiments and industrial pilots we will disseminate through various publications and events. Finally, we will initiate an ecosystem of Finnish companies and research organizations interested in blockchain technology.

Business objectives for our project include that we learn what kind of novel business models blockchain technologies enable and how they affect the current business models. We will seek the potential disruption effects to current business models (new opportunities and challenges) caused by blockchain based on participating company business cases. Based on our company business cases, we will discover the potential value adding features of blockchain to products & services. Finally, we want to discover the effects of blockchain to business networks and ecosystems.