Key research and scale-up offering

- Excellent know-how on fuel chemistry and gasification processes
- Unique fluidized bed gasification, catalytic gas cleaning and hot filtration test facilities from laboratory to pilot scale
- Cutting-edge tools for techno-economic evaluations and modelling
Main equipment at Bioruukki
- Dual Fluidized-Bed steam gasification pilot plant for syngas applications. Atmospheric pressure, feed capacity up to 80 kg/h. Hot filtration, catalytic reforming
- CFB gasification pilot plant for syngas and fuel gas. Air-blown operation, steam-O2 gasification. Hot filtration, catalytic reforming
- Bench-scale BFB gasification, filter  and reformer testing facilities
Development plans for Bioruukki
- New pressurized fixed-bed pilot plant for CHP and syngas applications
- New test possibilities for waste and recycling raw materials​

Gasification Platform is used for gasification process development, testing of new feedstocks and for the development of gas cleaning technologies

Links: BIORUUKKI pilot centre, Gasification of biomass and waste


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