WP 1: Pilot-scale development of the new gasification process

Feedstock basis of the gasification process

  • PDU and laboratory tests with selected agro-biomasses and waste-derived feedstocks
  • Pilot-tests with potential feedstocks and feedstock mixtures

Development of gas cleaning concept, validation of the whole gasification process

  • Hot filtration
  • Reforming of tars and hydrocarbon gases
  • Design of the bulk sulphur removal unit and testing, sorbent optimization R&D
  • Final gas cleaning and guard bed to be tested in slip stream

WP1 The largest WP of the project

BFB-PDU tests with selected feedstocks            
Gas cleaning R&D             
Costruction of slip stream unit            
1st DFB pilot campaign            
   - DFB 16/20 & 16/24            
   - DFB 17/06, 17/10 and 17/17            
Modification of DFB pilot plant            
   - new hot filter vessel            
   - CFB oxidizer            
   - modified slip stream             
2nd DFB pilot campaign            
  - 2-3 test weeks with modified design