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DigiInventory - Digital forest inventory methods improving wood supply

Laser scanning tools for forest inventory and wood harvesting

Traditionally forest inventory has been based on measuring sample plots in forest stands and then deriving estimates for the whole forest area. Nowadays gathering data with airborne laser scanners has become a common practice for large forest areas. However, both methods suffer from lack information of single trees and inaccuracy. In addition, manual field work for data gathering is expensive.

The primary goal of this project is to facilitate the crowdsourcing of digital forest inventory data by testing and piloting new technology and methods, in order to support more efficient and cost effective wood supply and to provide more accurate forest data for both forest owners and end users of wood. Scanning and drone solutions in data gathering improve the accuracy of forest inventory, helps planning of logging operations, and enables the visualization of forest stands. Changes in forest such as loggings can be illustrated virtually. Exact information of singe tree stems assists the machine operator in cutting and bucking. Wood sales can be based on better understanding of the actual value of timber. In addition, this project paves way for new and concrete service concepts for different stakeholders.

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