The focus of the EDES project is the energy data, including the data exchange and data trading. Preserved high quality in the data enables proper utilization on the decisional and operational levels of both business and organization. Furthermore, the data enables the innovation of new kind of intelligent energy services. The main challenge of the EDES project is to define a reliable and valid digital infrastructure for a real time energy data exchange and trading amongst companies of different business domains and the private consumers.

The project aims at the following results:

  • New opportunities: The project inspects the drivers that force energy companies to change their operation more future-oriented (i.e. drivers to digital transformation), and tends to recognize and identify change scenarios that will enable the companies to reach their business goals after the change.
  • Ecosystem concept: A new kind of co-operation environment is defined for the energy domain that takes into account the requirements of the different actors of the domain. This also includes reference architecture that enables real-time energy data management, exchange and trading between the ecosystem actors.
  • Future smart energy service concept: A concept of new kind of smart energy service is defined, including the description and guidelines on how to develop such a service in an ecosystem context basing on the real time energy data.
  • Lessons learnt from pilots: The results above are demonstrated and validated in project pilots, in which the project partners can experimentally test the functionality of new ideas.