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FUSION 2013 - Silja Serenade, Helsinki-Stockholm-Helsinki. 27-28, May 2013



Association Euratom-Tekes

Fusion energy research and development of the Association Euratom-Tekesin is now fully integrated in the Euratom Fusion Programme in the FP7. The present emphasis of the Finnish programme is in technology R&D for ITER construction and systems and in the leading European fusion experimentsin largest tokamaks such as JET (Joint European Torus) and ASDEX-Upgrade. The objective is a high level scientific and technological contribution to Euratom Programme and ITER in close collaboration with Finnish industry. The research unit of the Tekes Association consists of the teams from VTT, Aalto University, Tampere and Lappeenranta Unversity of Technology, University of Helsinki and Åbo Akademi. In addition, several industrial companies are involved.

The main scope of the Annual Seminar 2013 is to summarise the recent research and development work but even more importantly, pave the way of the Finnish fusion research towards the EU Horizon 2020 framework. Several new opportunities will appear or approach during the Horizon 2020 such as the first ITER plasma, JET DT campaign, more targeted DEMO program, first plasma in the EU-Japan satellite tokamak JT-60SA, first plasma in W7-X stellarator, the start of the Divertor Test Tokamak facility in Europe, assessment of the IFMIF facility etc. Also in Horizon 2020, fusion research structure in Europe will change drastically – the association structure will disappear, and the EU Commisson funding schemes will change. 

The seminar offers a good forum to discuss the scientific and technological priorities and directions the Finnish fusion research community should take to be most productive for the EU fusion programme and the Finnish society and industry. Furthermore, the organisation of the national fusion program to best adapt to the changes in the European structure should be discussed. Therefore, one of the two seminar days will be devoted to the strategic discussions on future Finnish fusion research activities.

On Tuesday morning the seminar participants will have the opportunity to visit the Alfven Laboratory at the Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan and EXTRAP reversed field pinch fusion device at KTH.  

Seminar registration (tämä linkiksi) and fees: Seminar fees are € ???? depending on the cabin class. The fee includes seminar material, two dinners, two breakfasts and the cabin.

The deadline for registration is 22 April 2013 (request from Silja).

Please registrate as soon as possible as the number of participants in the seminar is limited