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SHARE - Industry sharing platform for boosting transition towards circular economy

SHARE research consortium consists of VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, University of Vaasa, West Energy, HSY, Abloy, Roima and Sharetribe.

With the success of innovative ventures like Uber and Airbnb, the sharing economy is turning into a booming business for B2C. The biggest sectors are crowdfunding, peer-to-peer mobility and car sharing, household management and micro tasks. Yet, the B2B sector is lagging behind in utilizing sharing platforms for boosting circular economy. As technology shifts, the B2B sector is looking to evolve in a way that also allows it to partake in the lucrative sharing economy.

The SHARE project vision is that current industrial value networks will evolve into business ecosystems where individual companies' resources can be shared on demand, making the network more responsive and efficient, embracing also the objectives of the circular economy. 

SHARE aims to create and demonstrate a digital sharing platform concept for a circular economy business ecosystem where collaborating industrial organizations can easily co-innovate and share knowledge, production capacity, resources, services and logistic networks through interoperable systems, connected intelligent objects and blockchain technology. The project includes designing a set of rapid experimentations and initial solution designs for a sharing economy platform, testing and analysing the designed solutions and analysing in-depth sharing economy experiments, carrying out a series of workshops for advancing sharing economy knowledge and solutions, and analysing business potential and business models.