Goals of the Project


The main goal of SHARE project is to conceptualise and demonstrate the digital sharing platform concept for a circular economy business ecosystem where collaborating companies can easily and safely exchange knowledge and co-innovate, share production capacity, resources, services and logistic networks.

In order to do that our specific goals are:

  1. Explore the current needs and challenges of the companies related to the sharing platform
  2. Design and run rapid experimentations  for a sharing economy platform, define the scalability 
  3. Demonstrate the designed solutions, iterate and analyze in-depth sharing economy experiments
  4. Develop and validate new collaborative business opportunities for sharing and practices needed in different cases (sharing resources, production capacity, knowledge or services)
  5. Identify how novel technologies (e.g. blockchain) can accelerate the sharing
  6. Develop a theoretical framework that support industrial firms to transform towards sharing economy
  7. Transfer knowledge to the target industrial and scientific communities