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Metrology for Stable Isotope Reference Standards

News and Events

Workshop on N2O isotope measurements


SIRS Project Meeting – Month 27

25–26 September 2019 – Ljubljana, Slovenia



SIRS Project Meeting – Month 18

5–6 November 2018 – Jena, Germany

SIRS Project Meeting – Month 9

24–25 January 2018 – Groningen, Netherlands

Consortium photo 9 month meeting Jan 2018.jpg 

GGMT 2017 - 19th WMO/IAEA Meeting on Carbon Dioxide, Other Greenhouse Gases, and Related Measurement Techniques , 27-31 August 2017,  Empa Dübendorf, Switzerland

The first SIRS stakeholder workshop was held as a side session at GGMT 2017. The workshop programme and presentations are available below:

Stakeholder Workshop Programme.pdf

Allison_SIRS_Stakeholder workshop 2017.pdf

BIPM_SIRS_Stakeholder workshop 2017.pdf

Griffith_SIRS_Stakeholder workshop 2017.pdf

Stavert_SIRS_Stakeholder workshop 2017.pdf

ThermoFisher_SIRS_Stakeholder workshop 2017.pdf

                                                                         GGMT 2017 Group Photo

SIRS Kick-off Meeting

​7–8 June 2017 – NPL, United Kingdom