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T-shaped Doctors in Residence (T-DoRe) Project



T-DoRe offers an itinerary for creating and training T-shaped innovation champions through “Doctor in Residence” training within RTOs and industries, in the Raw Materials sector in order to develop such key skills and knowledge that will provide professionals capable to boost innovations, generate new business ideas and put them in the market.​ T-DoRe methodology has been created and testing with a pilot group is going on.


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Most PhD students and Post Docs specialize​ within a given thematic area (raw materials or secondary raw materials, substitution, sustainability, environmental sciences etc.). This specialization could limit their ability to generate innovations in the Raw Materials area if they don’t have the skills to connect with other fields of knowledge and the skills to transform new knowledge into a value proposition. For breakthrough system level radical innovations to take place, there is a need for “T-shaped” innovation champions. T-shape professional profile means a deep expertise or knowledge in a single field or discipline, represented by the vertical stroke, whereas the horizontal bar is the ability to collaborate across disciplines with experts in other areas to apply knowledge in areas of expertise other than one’s own.​​

Main Drivers in TDoRe story:

Self-development: Define, implement and lead own personal / professional development as a project, to engage with learning as a primary source of continuous development, to be proactive with self-set goals. Ideation for industry and society: Transforming knowledge into innovations, seeing opportunities and taking ideas into action that can be transferred to the company / market. It has to do with environmental, holistic co-operation, thinking out of box, problem solving and innovation.

How do we know the right bath?
We aim at collecting information from RTOs, universities and industries in order to identify the main needs for creating T-shaped innovation champions, and the current main bottle necks that hinder this process. This means to identify the key skills and knowledge that will provide professionals capable to boost innovations, generate new business ideas and put them in the market.




T-DoRe offers an itinerary for creating and training T-shaped innovation champions through “Doctor in Residence” training within RTOs and industries, in the Raw Materials sector with a learning by doing methodology and following customer development  approach. Participants understand the power of lean start up and they are creating a business model based on the innovation related with the project/thesis work and at the same time practicing transversal skills as leadership, team work and communication

TDoRE Itinerary.jpg 

MONITORING (Will we be succeed?) and ROAD-MAPPING (How to scale-up?)

The aim of the monitoring (Case Study method)  is to investigate how the interventions during the Methodology activity were implemented, as well as assess their impact and effectiveness in developing T-shaped innovation champions.

This study will be a single case study that investigates the T-Dore program. We will analyze the program and its impact on shaping innovation champions. The individuals participating in the T-Dore program will be chosen from four technical areas in the raw materials industry. This way we can consider also contextual conditions relating to the program, which we believe might be relevant to the phenomenon under study. The technical focus area are: 1) separation technology, 2) systemic design, 3) substitution, and 4) recycling. While the topics on separation and recycling focus more on processes, the systemic design and substitution, focus on design. At a high-level, systemic design area can be seen as an effective means to tie all the focus area together, and to offer a learning opportunity across all areas to further support development of the T-shaped innovation champions.

The case study results will be used for implementing an action based roadmap for identification, development, and nurturing of T-shaped innovation champions in the raw materials industry.



Check our resent poster about the project:

T-DoRe Poster.pdf


FOR MORE INFORMATION - contact TDoRe project manager:

Päivi Kivikytö-Reponen




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