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T-shaped Doctors in Residence (T-DoRe) Project


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Last September Tecnalia, partner of T-DoRe project, organised the IDS-FUNmat Entrepreneurship and Innovation school. Coordinated by Université de Bordeaux, this project focuses on Functional Materials, and provides international and intersectoral mobility opportunities and training modules to PhD researchers in that field.

Training modules provide a wider knowledge and a better understanding of the Raw Material sectors and its future challenges related to innovation and competitiveness.




Tecnalia, together with Université de Bordeaux, hosted the Entrepreneurship and innovation skills module, that was attended by heterogeneous group of twelve PhD participants coming from different countries and universities, like Aalto University, Milano Bicocca, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, etc.

IDS-FUNmat Innovation and Entrepreneurship school 2017 was a one-week program to allow participants to enhance their talent and develop the skills needed for creating innovative projects. The main focus of the program was to push the participants to think about the future application of their project results, taking into account the main value or benefit of their projects, the target groups of beneficiaries and stakeholders (customers and also users, and other relevant actors in the value chain), and the competitive advantages for the market and for the society in comparison with existing products/services or processes.

With a learning-by-doing approach, the following topics were addressed:

  • Leadership and Team work
  • Creativity and lean Innovation
  • Business models, Lean start up and customer development
  • Marketing and communication

The framework of topics, as well as the learning approach was very similar to the one developed in T-DoRe, but taking into account that the duration was only one week. But the feedback was quite good, and we achieved our main goals, which were that:

  • Participants learn and develop new competencies and skills not covered in the researcher's career.
  • Participants transform a research project (the PhD thesis) to a professional development project, which could evolve into a new line of business inside an enterprise or in a new company.
  • Participants, who sometimes have an individual approach in their research, understand the importance of building networks, and in this sense they become part of a learning community with other researchers from other areas to share, enhance and devise new challenges and professional development.

Of course these goals were achieved but producing a low impact in the participants' actual project, taking into account the duration of one week. But, we can affirm that the participants found the methodology and the topics interesting and they were very motivated.

Besides the practical exercises, based on real context of the different projects, and the lectures introducing the new topics and tools, one day was devoted to visiting research laboratories and industrial companies. We visited Indumetal Recycling, a specialized industry with an extensive experience in the integral handling of WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment), and Digimet which is an start-up based on a new concept of metallurgical furnace, which viability has been demonstrated with EAF dust treatment. Also we visited different Tecnalia labs for metal recycling, materials for energy, new materials for aerospace sector and nanotechnology.

IDS FUNmat is also a project of EIT Raw Materials. To know more about this project:



TDoRe went to Berlin 25th and 26th September 207

After the 44th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON - one of the six of the largest and most renowned marathons in the world- the following day, EIT Raw Materials organise a two-days' workshop to share Information and act as a Brokerage Event.

The introduction of Karen Hanghøj, CEO EIT RawMaterial, remember us the mission and vision of ETI RM and the road map for 2017-2019.

There was time to update information about the next EIT RM call (KAVA Call 5), to share EIT lighthouse programs that aims to:

  • Making discoveries- both of primary and secondary resources acceptable by providing role models for sustainable and modern exploration
  • Development of skills and education needed in exploration – including the creation of the entrepreneurial mind-sets of explorations
  • Development of low-impact faster-better-easier-safer, more efficient and deployable technologies, products and services to support the development of exploration 4.0
  • Strengthen exploration eco-system and industrial symbioses in Europe

 Then we follow with the pitches about new ideas for proposals, a kind of looking for partners for new projects related to the knowledge areas:  Mining, Mineral and metallurgical processes, Recycling and materials chain, Substitution and Design of products and services for the circular economy.   This event is the opportunity to network and match-make across the entire EIT Community as well as hear about other' ideas and identify partnerships for future cooperation in the community and for the upcoming KAVA Call.

Also, and not less important, there was a 'Poster & Drinks' session during the event to present Ongoing KAVA Project Posters. As part of the dissemination activities, T-DoRE Project was presented here so EIT Community is aware of the potential of the project and the capacity of partners we are developing it.   


Spreading T-DoRe concept

Next Thursday July 6th T-DoRe will be presented in the Valencia.

The  XXI Congreso de Ingeniería de Organización / 11th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Industrial Management will be held the July 5th to 6th (  at the Polytechnic University of Valencia Spain.

One of the objectives of the conference is to promote researchers networking, as a way to exchange ideas and approaches that contribute to the development of Industrial Engineering and Management from a scientific and entrepreneurial perspective.  T-DoRe itinerary has been designed as a community of practice which provides a perfect peer to peer context for learning and exchanging project information.

Under the suggestive title How does working on university-business collaborative projects foster the industrial doctorates´ learning process?" Jaione Ganzarain from Mondragon University will explain why T-shapes profiles are needed, not only in raw material sector but in Industrial Engineering in the broad sense.

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 Posted by Ana  Arroyo, Tecnalia


Save the Date!!!! May 17, 2017   

Do you want to see new PhD thesis projects with commercial impact in the recovery, recycling, and substitution of raw materials?  


The T-DoRe* project organises a workshop for Raw Material stakeholders. The objective of this workshop is to present solutions derived from ongoing PhD doctoral thesis and post-doctoral research topics in the field of raw materials substitution and recycling.


Eleven solutions will be presented by researchers in a pitch-like format. We invite you to participate in the workshop, during which you will be able to give technical and/or business feedback on the eleven research solutions presented. After the pitch, there will be time to walk around the different projects' stands where further information can be asked and collected.

Participants are PhD candidates and researchers from RTOs and industry from Spain and Finland, therefore the workshop will be in English.

This workshop is an opportunity to look for synergies and create new research relationships in the raw materials sector.

The event will be on 17 May from 11:30h to 13:30h. Coffee and a lunch included. 



Event will take place in Spain, Bilbao at TECNALIA, Derio building 700, room Sala Torrontegui.

Confirm your attendance to María Luisa Gorostizaga

or through registration at Tecnalia web page:



*T-DoRe project offers an itinerary for creating and training T-shaped innovation champions through "Doctor in Residence" training within RTOs and industries, in the raw materials sector with a learning by doing methodology and following a customer development  approach. 

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Check the project  - How to Transform Knowledge into a Value Proposition on Tecnalia web page:

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FOR MORE INFORMATION - contact TDoRe project manager:

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