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T-shaped Doctors in Residence (T-DoRe) Project



"TDoRe project gave tools how to create value from my research results; it clarified to me the importance of value creation for future customers already at early stage of research. The atmosphere during the course between the participants was very supportive and inspiring. " 

-TDoRe pilot group participant from Finland-
The pilot group participant experience summarizes the project target and added value for professionals. The following page presents TDoRe project results for wider use, including created roadmap and education models.  
TDoRe vision statement is:
Professionals in the Raw Materials field have knowledge and skills fostering innovation, economic growth and sustainability to guarantee European competitiveness and the sufficiency of raw materials for future generations.
TDoRe questonary about required knowledge and skills can be uploaded here:
TDoRe case study with description of the TDoRe methods and analysis of the program and its impact on shaping innovation shampions can be uploaded here: 
These upper results and other TDoRe results were used for developing road map

for nurturing innovation champions for European raw materials sector

TDoRe Road map.png 

Our dissemination material about education models: TDore POSTER Göteborg A0.pdf
Are you interested to read about the actual business cases of the TDoRe pilot group? And HOW the TDoRe business models were created?
You can found the analysis of the TDoRe business models here: T-DORE Business Model Analysis.pdf