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T-shaped Doctors in Residence (T-DoRe) Project

Customer Validation





The second workshop took place in February in Helsinki, Finland, hosted by VTT. Participants had a previous online session with the coaches to talk about how they were progressing with their lean canvas (business model), and the problems or questions that might have arisen. This follow-up session done by the project coaches helped to prepare better the contents and dynamics of the agenda of this second workshop.

The start of the workshop occurred in a friendly and communicative atmosphere. Participants already know each other. They were divided into groups, mixing nationalities and organizations. A team leader was named in each group to organize the work to be done in groups. We started talking about the challenges and learning needs, as a way to reconnect with them and to understand better the moment where they were in their project. Also we asked them about their main interests related to the topics of the workshop agenda. 

Then we had a dialogue session on leadership and team work. Related to team working the coaches introduced the Belbin roles. All participants could complete the Belbin self-assesment test and observers assesments in order to understand better their own behaviour when working in teams.  This was a good moment to dialogue about teams. The participants shared in groups their experiences on team work creating a list of ingredients that make team work.

"What teamwork experience do you remember that make impact in the team performance? 
Why? Which were the key ingredients?"

Other topics were introduced in this dialogue session, as the way we relate with others, and how we interpret personal skills. For this purpose we used the cards of Group Works  (A Pattern Language for Bringing Life to Meetings and Other Gatherings).

During the second part of the day, participants shared their progress on value proposition, business models, and visits to stakeholders and potential customers. So in groups people discussed their findings and get valuable inputs from other attendants and the facilitators. The main objective was to refine and improve their lean canvas and value proposition through the feedback collected.

Also in this first day another topic was presented: industry 4.0, main concepts and how these technologies will transform the industrial scenario. Then they made the exercise of rethinking their project and business model, taking into consideration this upcoming new industrial scenario.

The second day started also with more ingredients as the innovation management, and at the end each participant presented their business model in a pitch format. Therefore in advance they had to work in define the main messages and information to present, as they had only two minutes to speak in front of the audience. The exercise was really useful, and for some of the participants was the first chance they were presenting their projects.

We were able to create moments where dialogue flowed and participants connected and engaged perfectly with the topics proposed. This dialogue among different people, with different projects and backgrounds but sharing a common interest, which is to learn about how to deliver value to the market from their research, is really a great source of learning. Especially when we talked about roles in a team and our patterns, the conversation was very interesting.

Another special moment was the pitching exercise. They had to prepare and do pitch of their project business model in front of the rest of participants, which produced a moment of "out of the comfort zone" that made the session, as they said, very interesting and valuable. In the dialogue and feedback after the pitches they learned about how to communicate better their project. Also the preparation of the pitch helped them to reflect on the project and to understand the main points. Finally they felt tired but happy and they left with homework to do for the third and final T-DoRe workshop.