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Techniques for ultra-high voltage and very fast transients

Need for the project

This pre-normative research will support the metrology needed for the standardization of Ultra High Voltage (UHV) transmission measurement techniques. The work will further provide guidance for high voltage metrology in medical electrical equipment. Medical industry needs traceable methods for DC pulse measurements, in this case applied to x-ray acceleration voltage measurements. Medical instrument manufacturers are asking for improved standardization in this field, and medical staff and patients need more accurate x-ray dosing. Thus, it is essential to provide a unified view between the manufacturers and the users in this case. 

The research will further provide input to measurements of very fast transients (VFT) in nanosecond range, which is essential for the measurement of transmitted overvoltages, which is critical for insulation coordination of Gas Insulated Systems (GIS). Manufacturers of instrument transformers and GIS need traceable measurements and new methods for the measurement of VFT, which is not covered by the National Metrology Institutes today.

Traceability is also needed for low level partial discharge (PD) measurement techniques for equipment under DC stress, to detect and prevent insulation failures, e.g. for DC transmission and distribution using cables. The power grid operators and manufacturers of equipment for DC grids need new methods for PD detection. Traceability for low level PD for early detection of faults in all power grids is also needed for the development and testing of equipment.