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ARea16 - Augmented Reality for Business and Productivity - June 8, 2016, Espoo

Expo & demos

Arilyn / Robuyst North
See description in Session 1.

See description in Session 1.

Demo: SelfieWall
See description in Session 3.

Demo: FlyAR – Augmented Reality Production Service
See description in Session 3.

Delta Cygni Labs
See description in Session 1.

Demo: Title
See description in Session 1.

Demo: Title
See description in Session 2.

Demo: Patria AR
Patria's cutting edge technology is challenging to present with actual products in events. Their sheer size and weight makes logistics expensive and their functionality leads to a long and complex process to get the permits for transport through every nation en route. Key selling points, like modularity, mobility and destructive power are impossible to present in practice indoors and without safety hazards.
Fake's AR solution allows an experience similar to first-hand, comparable to having the actual products present. In addition to realistic full size presence, there are other clever visual solutions presenting the inner workings and mobility of the products. Other benefits of our AR solution is the possibility to have alternate versions for audiences with different interests or security clearances, and usability in showrooms or private meetings around the globe.
The application allows considerable cost savings, completely new possibilities in event presence and it supports the company image of a pioneer in defense technology.
We would like to present the application for other developers in the field and share our technical and artistic know-how acquired in the project. Please note that the version presented may have some locked or altered content for confidentiality reasons.

Tommi Rapeli
+358 50 576 8027

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd.

VTT’s Augmented Reality research group is one of the leading AR technology and application providers in the world. Over the years, VTT has produced world first solutions for various Augmented Reality application fields, including media and marketing, entertainment and games, interior design, tourism, building and construction, and industrial applications. VTT’s world leading 3D Tracking technology is available as the ALVAR SKD (A Library for Virtual and Augmented Reality).

At ARea16, we demonstrate some of our most recent results in areas of 3D tracking and industrial applications, including AR maintenance assistance, augmented remote collaboration, and multi-user video communication.Further information, videos etc. is available at our AR / 3D Tracking Research website

Charles Woodward
VTT Ltd.
+358 40 500 1514 

VTT - Efficient Machines and Vehicles

ArWin- Augmented Visualisation and Auralisation of Wind Turbines

ArWin Future Concept presentation demonstrates the combination of wind turbine visual impacts as well as auralises (makes audible) the noise from wind turbine. There has been a relatively low public acceptance which is an issue for wind power construction, due to the complaints and poor communication.  A need exists for a new cheaper, faster, and more accurate tools than today are available, to present the planned wind turbine site to dwellers.

The novelty of the demo is in combination of the Augmented Reality (AR) visualisation and auralisation. Furthermore, also the metrics of the noise (level and other relevant properties) are concurrently shown in AR display. The noise parameters may be adjusted on the fly to create different scenarios.

The potential customers will benefit from complete virtual view of the site, possibility for the individual perspective, faster & cheaper development and interactive nature of the ArWin tool, making what-if scenarios possible.

Marko Antila
VTT Ltd.
+358 40 527 5343

Technology Research Center – University of Turku

Technology Research Center (TRC) is a research unit operating within the University of Turku ( The unit is focused on applied ICT sector R&D and commercialization of technological innovations. TRC staff consists of approximately 70 professionals from electronics, telecommunications, computer science and software engineering fields of ICT. The activities focus in research projects developing new technologies and design methodologies in in collaboration with industry partners. TRC’s Mixed Reality Systems group researches various aspects of augmented and virtual reality, covering the whole spectrum of the topic from hardware accelerated tracking solutions and sensors to user interfaces and storytelling mechanisms of augmented reality applications.

TRC’s expo booth will present the unit in general as well as demonstrations, video presentations and posters about its projects and pilot applications implemented in them. The projects to be highlighted include:

• MIRACLE – Mixed Reality Applications for Culture and Learning Experiences. The project studies mixed reality applications within the field of cultural travel.

• MARIN2 – Mobile Mixed Reality Applications for Professional Use. The project expands the earlier work of marine industry oriented MARIN project to a broader industry setting, covering construction and infrastructure industries.

contact person                            Seppo Helle
company name                           Technology Research Center, University of Turku
telephone                                     +358(0)50 515 1616
email address                    
company web page          
Helsinki University
Demo: How to Fly Wind Tunnel

University of Tampere
Demo: Interactive VR environment for promoting industrial competence

We are developing an interactive VR environment for fleet management and asset monitoring in mechanical engineering industry. As a first step towards this, we are working on a digital showroom demo, which provides power solutions and maintenance services for marine and energy markets. The system will be running on VR glasses, and it will enable the user to travel from an interactive world map representing industrial installations all the way to detailed documentation and information about a vessel’s engine, for example. The environment can be browsed through with hotspots, and the content will comprise aerial 360 overview videos as well as 360 still images of specific targets within the installations.

Shootings at the installations and content creation are planned for May, so by the ARea2016 event, we will have at least a preliminary prototype of the showroom system ready. In our demonstration, we will explain the main properties of the system and provide the ARea2016 participants an opportunity to try it out themselves with VR glasses. This demonstration deals with work done as a part of a Tekes funded project S-STEP – Smart technologies for lifecycle performance.

Demo: 360 rally experience

We are developing a 360 rally simulator for the Rally Museum to be opened in the Automobile and road museum Mobilia, Kangasala, in mid-June. We have recorded authentic 360 video and audio from inside a rally car during real-world rally driving for the simulator. This content will be augmented with different information sources which can be experienced interactively through VR glasses. The visitors of the Rally Museum will be able to wear real rally clothing, sit inside a real rally car from the 1980’s and experience the rally route as 360 video and co-driver’s spoken pacenotes.

In our demonstration, we will explain the main ideas of the simulator and provide the ARea16 participants an opportunity to sense the rally content themselves through VR glasses. This demonstration deals with work done as a part of a Tekes funded project MIRACLE – Mixed Reality Applications for Culture and Learning Experiences.

Demo: Interactive VR environment for industrial maintenance operations

We have developed a VR application called Amaze360 for mobile devices and head-mounted displays. The application enhances knowledge sharing within industrial maintenance and service work. This kind of work is often performed in the field, the tasks may be complicated, i.e., the reasons for certain fault codes, e.g., are not self-evident, and due to being in the field access to guidance material is limited, or missing totally.

The application allows the user to observe augmented 360-videos captured in the field and interact with the content by activating interface elements, i.e., hotspots and exits. The Amaze360 enables creating company-specific 360 content, i.e., video or still images, and different types of media content accessible through the hotspots, and further, interacting with this content for example through VR glasses in the field, i.e., where the actual maintenance or service work is performed.

In our demonstration, we will explain the main properties of the Amaze360 and provide the ARea16 participants an opportunity to try it out themselves with VR glasses. The content in our demo is from industrial indoors and outdoors settings related to truck-mounted hydraulic platforms. This demonstration deals with work done as a part of a Tekes funded project S-STEP – Smart technologies for lifecycle performance.

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