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ARea16 - Augmented Reality for Business and Productivity - June 8, 2016, Espoo

Session 1: Companies & Start-ups


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Welcome to the World of Arilyn

Think about a world where every surface, logo or picture is an invitation for an adventure. Arilyn is your gateway into this new dimension. It is a platform that combines the best of Augmented Reality, Location Intelligence and Interactive Media. Arilyn turns physical world into virtual experiences. For consumers it offers a free mobile app and for companies and public organizations there is an easy to use ArilynManager online portal for creating and managing virtual campaigns. One could say that Arilyn is a kind of a rabbit hole. Referring to the great story of Alice in Wonderland. If you are Alice (the consumer) Arilyn is your door to Wonderland. If you are the Hatter of the Queen of Hearts (brand owner) Arilyn gives you the
perfect toolkit for building the Wonderland.

In this presentation we will give you a tour to the world of Arilyn by showing a real life case example and walking you through the makingoff process. This will give a good insight about the possibilities Arilyn brings for augmented and virtual reality campaigns that engage the audience for immersive experience.

Arilyn is a product created by a Finnish AR/VR startup Robust North. The Arilyn platform was launched in Finnish market in March 2015 and today it has customers also in Estonia, Hungary, Israel and Brazil.

Emmi Jouslehto
Robust North Oy
+358 44 971 9919


VividWorks strives to deliver the best visual configurator in the world by combining the latest innovations. Our product composer has revolutionized the furniture industry with its ability to help sales people to end customers build even complex products visually and intuitively. Lifelike detail, zoom and 360 degree spin enhance the user experience. Important product specific rules and details are automatically adjusted during the design process and continue on to purchase which can be completed online at home or in store with a sales person.

VividWorks alone offers an augmented reality module in conjunction with a visual configurator, available both as a stand-alone solution and as a seamlessly integrated component of its larger VividPlatform suite of 3D solutions. VividAR, available as marker-based or markerless-based augmented reality using simultaneous localization and mapping technology, is available for use on iPad and lets users place a 3D model of a product or even a group of products within a live video feed or photo of their room. Our VividAR feature combines real space and virtual products anytime, anywhere with no limits to the imagination.

Actual customer examples will be shown as part of the presentations.

Jorma Palo
VividWorks Oy
+358 40 7089177

Delta Cygni Labs

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Delta Cygni Labs Ltd. (DCL) was founded in June 2013 by three engineers as a spinoff from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. DCL is solving technical communication problems found in industry by applying scientific research results and fundamental concepts of cybernetics, human-machine systems and augmented reality.

Our vision is radical productivity improvement of service business in machine building by applying highly scalable industry-grade remote support solution POINTR. It is a breakthrough smartphone application, which enables real time video and audio streaming with live augmented reality annotations. This solution allows European industries to offer unprecedented services by solving technical problems remotely.

Our goal is to help EU industries disrupt the industrial service business. POINTR will boost competitiveness in terms of unbeatable response time and quality, reduced travel and creation of totally new services for demanding markets. It will deliver 2-3x productivity, up to 70% larger margins, 10-100x return of investment, and a significant positive social and environmental impact. The total market our solution addresses is €2.4B improving productivity of nearly 1 million enterprises in Europe alone.

POINTR was launched at the beginning of 2015 & now has attained a good customer traction. POINTR helps European industries to make a quantum leap of 5-10 years forward in technical capability and readiness and to lead the global change of service business. Currently DCL has 15+ paying corporate customers, e.g. KONE, Valmet, Gardner Denver, Bronto Skylift, Thales Alenia Space with the total service business exceeding €10B.

DCL has been involved in projects with the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation TEKES and had three rounds of private pre-seed and seed investment. DCL is located in Tampere and its staff includes eight professionals. DCL is privately owned by its co-founders and the investors.

Boris Krassi
Delta Cygni Labs Ltd.
+358 40 7666 956


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Sayduck is a Finnish company with focus on presenting furniture items from the world leading brand in 3D Augmented Reality. We have 4 years of first hand experience of this and we would be happy to present our findings and learning of how AR fits in to the consumer journey.

(Please expand.)

Niklas Slotte
Sayduck Ltd.
+358 40 7353874


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Pinovuo Oy exists to make technical contributions to improve learning. Our strong experience in educational and industrial application fields helps us to understand our customers and their needs. Our approach is pedagogical and our methods are augmented reality, visual learning and gamification. 

We have collaborated with University of Helsinki while working in the educational field. We created augmented reality applications that support Department of Teacher Education in their research. These applications visualize different physics experiments, showing the hidden airflows and gas particle movement. The research shows that augmented reality boosts learning results. We have also created an augmented reality application for Heureka Science Centre. This application visualizes the cause and effect of the greenhouse gas emissions. Elements such as cows and factories produce greenhouse gases while trees and plants clean the air. The goal of the application is to find the environmental balance and minimize the heat radiation back to earth.

Having a long history in laser and automation industry enables us to put ourselves in the place of our industrial customers. We have provided many custom end-to-end automation solutions and worked in many production ramp ups. We see a huge opportunity in providing new visual ways for people to get familiar with machines and processes. 

Our concept is the same in both educational and industrial solutions: We want to enable efficient and intuitive learning.       

Timo Mäkimattila
Pinovuo Oy
+358 50 530 7656


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Visumo360 solves visualization and gamification demand for educative purposes. Our solution gives web based tool for creating 360-based storyfied and gamified content. There is huge expectations on visualization especially in vocational training where learners do not want to read texts. Huge visualization with minimal reading. Stories and educative games are especially needed in workplace training.

Visumo360 has proved (paying customers) that consept is interesting and needed in workplaces as an augmented reality content solution. End-users are engaged with visuality based on 360-photography. Media elements like videos, pictures, texts, questionnairies and links can be embed into photos and make virtual tours inside the places. Also learning analytics can be taken into account. 

Visumo is spinn-off in Valopi Ltd and it is launched in 2014. Visuko is focusing on education and training where new AR possibilities can boost learning in fun and interesting way. We are seeking funding to develope our consept and platform further.

Jarmo Tanskanen, Visumo360/Valopi Ltd.,, 050 5536899