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ARea16 - Augmented Reality for Business and Productivity - June 8, 2016, Espoo


​We most warmly thank Sponsors for their support, keeping us going with drinks and food in the breaks.


Arilyn is an Augmented and Virtual Reality platform that has the power to change physical surfaces into immersive digital media. With Arilyn we are on a mission to change the way people see and interact with the world. Arilyn brings excitement to everyday life and offers innovative tools for example digital marketing, e-learning and information sharing. More about Arilyn at

Arilyn is made by Robust North Ltd.


VividWorks want to deliver the best visual configurator in the world by combining the latest innovations. 
VividPlatform is a 3D design-to-purchase software-as-a-service platform that enables customers of manufacturers and retailers to visualize design possibilities, configure an interior or any individual product itself and continue on to purchase with or without a salesperson.

VividWorks offers an augmented reality module, as both a stand-alone solution, and as a seamlessly integrated component of its larger VividPlatform suite of 3D solutions. The solution is available also for iPad use and allows anyone to take a photo of a room and start configuring furniture into the image. VividPlatform makes it easy for a salesperson, end customer or anyone to build even the most challenging products in a visual and intiutive way. Important product specific rules and details are automatically adjusted during the design process. VividAR is offered for marker-based or markerless-based augmented reality using simultaneous localization and mapping technology along with a real-time video feature for the iPad, letting users place a 3D model of a product or group of products under consideration within a live video feed of their room.

We see augmented reality enabling customers and sales persons to communicate better and speed up buying decisions, when using an Internet browser or tablets with connections to online sales systems and/or ERP systems.

VividWorks is continuing to expand its customer base and operations from Europe into the North American and Asia/Pacific markets.