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Industrial Services Business Impact

The Asserpro project aims to define a framework for the assessment of business impact of service business operations for companies in industrial manufacturing context. The project is funded by Tekes (the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation) and VTT. This website presents the framework. The project is ongoing and the framework is still evolving so changes in this site can occur.

Currently the framework consists of the following four main dimensions (for more detailed description, select corresponding link from the site index box on the right):

1. Strategic goals of the company

This dimension studies the general strategies of the company and how service business can support them.

2. Service business offerings

This dimension studies the general offerings with which an industrial company realises the service strategy.

3. Service business organization

This dimension studies the organization of the service business network and the service provider's role and position in the network.

4. Service business impact measures / indicators

This dimension studies general measures that can be used in assessing the impacts of the service business.

This framework has been developed from the point of view of the service provider, i.e., an industrial company whose main business is in manufacturing and selling physical products. However, service business generally requires closer coopration with the customer. This means the customer viewpoint to the framework is also crucial. There has to be a good fit between the service provider and the customer in every dimension of the framework to achieve successful service business. Also, there has to be a balance between the different dimensions, e.g., the service offerings have to support the company strategy and the offerings have to be supported by an appropriate service organization.