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BESTFACT – Best European Freight Practices

BESTFACT project “Best European Freight Practices” is funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme and is conducted by 18 expert organizations. The objective of BESTFACT is to develop, disseminate and enhance the utilisation of best practices and innovations in freight transport that contribute to meeting European transport policy objectives with regard to competitiveness and environmental impact. 18 expert organizations are involved project. BESTFACT covers three clusters: 1. Urban Freight, 2. Green Logistics & Co-modality and 3. eFreight.

Best Practices are characterized by the following attributes:

- Includes an innovative approach beyond the common practice

- Addresses both business and policy objectives

- Have considerable and measurable positive effects

- Should be transferable to other companies, initiatives or contexts


The objectives of BESTFACT are

  • Comprehensive inventory of best practices and innovations in freight and urban logistics with proven sustainable efficiency.

  • Open, neutral stakeholder platform offering easily exploitable and continuously updated data compendium.

  • Matching competitive urban and freight logistics business situations innovative research and sustainable EU policy objectives.

  • Simplifying, standardising and streamlining ICT processes and e-freight procedures by industrial stakeholders, administrations and researchers.

There will be 150 best practice case descriptions in total. In addition there will be 60 in-depth analyses and a practical handbook. A few workshops and conferences will be organized.

VTT makes 8 best practice case descriptions and 3 in-depth analyses.


The official webpages of BESTFACT