The final report BIM-based Safety Management and Communication for Building Construction (10.11.2011)

The three main aspects of the research were

  • safety planning in BIM-based design and engineering process
  • 4D-safety management at building construction sites
  • safety communication
  1. Safety planning in BIM-based design and engineering process

    Introductions to the results:

    Demo: 4D safety railing visualization test  (video, duration 49 sek.)

    Pilot 1:BIM-based falling prevention planningusing Tekla Structures 15  (pdf, updated 14.9.2010)

    Pilot 1: 4D-visualization of floor form work and related falling prevention solution  (pdf, 23.6.2010)

    Pilot 2: BIM-based visualization of wall demolition work using Tekla Structures 15  (pdf 3.11.2011)

    Pilot 2: BIM-based visualization of wall demolition work, phase 2, using TS 17.1 alfa  (pdf 3.11.2011)

    Conference Paper: 4D-BIM for Construction Safety Planning. Sulankivi, Kristiina; Kähkönen, Kalle; Mäkelä, Tarja; Kiviniemi, Markku. 2010. CIB 2010 World Congress, Manchester UK.


  2. 4D-safety management at building construction sites.
    Based on experience in the pilot construction projects one significant development area and challenge in the future will be how to collect up-to-date status information from site, and how easily record or link that information to a 4D-model. Today, collection and saving status information to a BIM-model is not regular and systematic. One reason for this is, that using current BIM-based software require special expertise, which is not available at most of the construction sites. In the future, up-to-date 4D-models will offer better opportunities to identify occupational safety risks caused by changes and interruptions occurring at the building sites. 

  3. Communication.
    A key question was how BIM can be used for safety related communications at a building construction site and in various meetings. As a part of the research project, a pilot study was carried to test advanced safety communication at a construction site. In the pilot study two LCD information displays were placed at construction site premises and used for presenting weekly updated information relating to the safety issues. The presentations were visualized taking advantage of 3D and 4D model views of the building under construction, and feedback over the content and benefits of the display presentations was gathered from the site staff.

    Introductions to the results:

    Pilot 1: Exploitation of BIM-based information displays for construction site safety communication(slideset, pdf, 7.9.2011)

    Conference Paper: Exploitation of BIM based information displays for construction site safety communication.Merivirta, Maija-Leena; Mäkelä, Tarja; Kiviniemi, Markku; Kähkönen, Kalle; Sulankivi, Kristiina; Koppinen, Tiina. 2011. CIB W099 Conference "Prevention: Means to the End of Injuries, Illnesses, and Fatalities", Washington DC, August 2011. (pdf, 7.9.2011)