VTT has carried out the BIM Safety research project in cooperation with Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH), the business partners and financiers. VTT and FIOH has had parallel Tekes-research projects, and a common steering committee, where project parties TVO, Skanska, A-Insinöörit, Tekla, Tekes, The Finnish Work Environment Fund (TSR) and research partners has been represented.


Research partners

Chief Research Scientist PhD Kalle Kähkönen and Senior Research Scientist Markku Kiviniemi from VTT has acted as project managers in the project (Kalle Kähkönen started as a professor at Tampere University of Technology 3/2011).
The other research team members have included Research Scientist Kristiina Sulankivi from VTT, as well as Senior Specialist Tarja Mäkelä and Specialist Maija-Leena Merivista from FIOH. 


Tekes, Safety and security -programme, TSR, business partners, and VTT and FIOH.