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BIM Safety 2009 - 2011

BIM technology enabled Construction Safety Management


BIM Safety research project aimed to develop solutions for the planning and management of construction site safety, based on building information modeling (BIM). BIM technology has been applied to construction site safety planning, safety management and safety communication, and the goal is to integrate these safety activities into the 4D-construction management. The main research method has been pilot-testing in real construction projects.

The final report BIM-based Safety Management and Communication for Building Construction(10.11.2011)

BIM-based construction production planning and 4D simulation increases rapidly on the basis of building information models created in design and engineering phase. Even in the most advanced construction projects modeling of the construction production is still focused on the scheduling of parts of the building's frame, as well as planning and visualization of corresponding work tasks. The overall site prosess including safety and logistic tasks has been neglected.

Safety planning is a part of the construction production planning and a key aspect in a number of production plans. Safety management have been carried out to a certain extent separately with other production planning and control and for example, an concrete falling protection plan is not created in all projects. Also safety management related communication to the level of employee is challenging under the site circumstances. Partly for these reasons the construction accident rate has remained high compared to other industries. In Finland, one in four fatal occupational accidents takes place in the construction field.

BIM Safety project has continued development work in the same area with the previous TurvaBIM- research project (Building Information Model promoting safety in the construction site process, TurvaBIM 10/2007 - 2/2009) The main results of the TurvaBIM project were development and testing of BIM-based site layout planning. More information available at project’s website: