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Demonstration of bio-CO2 products with novel research platform

New products based on biogenic carbon dioxide and renewable electricity

Mitigation of climate change will require major changes in the energy system and industrial production. Worldwide major investments on renewable energy and carbon efficiency are booming and new business opportunities are seen globally in bioeconomy based on various biogenic sources. Carbon capture and utilization (CCU) is also considered as an interesting technology concept in the future carbon-restrained world.

The main aim of the project is to demonstrate the utilization of biobased CO2 as a raw material for synthetic transportation fuels, biogas upgrading or industrial chemicals/products (so-called power-to-X process). The motivation is also that creation of sustainable and valuable products from bio-CO2 can give additional boost and new business opportunities for Finnish industry.

Targeted research platform and key actions

Investment on mobile hydrogen production unit will be made in order to integrate the existing VTT's synthesis unit and industrial CO2 streams as a complete pilot-scale research platform. The developed infrastructure will remain at VTT for later commercial disposal by interested companies.

Demonstrations with the developed platform will be conducted within e.g. bio-product mill and in biogas production. Additionally techno-economic feasibility studies of different products and markets as well as business opportunity analyses will be conducted in the project.

process_diagram.jpgThe main financing for the project is from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).
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