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CARE4ME 2009 - 2012

Care4Me - Cooperative Advanced Research for Medical Efficiency


The Care4Me project is included in the Eureka/ITEA2 programme and it is participated by 23 partners representing large and small companies, research institutes and universities in six European countries: The Netherlands, France, Greece, Spain and Finland. The project is lead by Philips Healthcare.

The overall objective of the project is to increase quality and productivity in the care cycle by using more advanced medical image analysis and by more patient-specific decision support systems. These are combined with different medical knowledge sources such as health records, medical evidence and medical image-based models.

The contribution of the Finnish consortium in Care4Me addresses combining information in Personal Health Records with Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS). The driver for this combination evolves from the increased interest by the citizens to manage personal health information and the increased demand for including decision support features in Electronic Health Record (EHR) software.