Research Team

• Dr./Mrs. Erika Holt
Project Manager, Principal Scientist, Team Leader of the Material Solutions for Infrastructure team - concrete, durability, soils, international cooperation, disseminatio

• Mrs. Irmeli Wahlgren
Senior Scientist –impact assessment of urban development, urban economic, ecological assessment methodologies, sustainable development, eco efficiency, climate change considerations in urban

• Mrs. Hannele Kuosa
Research Scientist – concrete materials, asphalt materials, stone, aggregate, durability, performance assessment, industrial guidelines

• Mr. Kalle Loimula
Research Trainee – building materials performance, filtration, water chemistry and quality

• Mrs. Terhi Kling
Research Scientist – material modelling, implementation to design

• Mr. Juhani Korkealaakso
Principal Scientist, Team Leader of the Monitoring of Built Environment team – modelling infiltration, storm and rainfall, drainage

• Dr./Mr. Lasse Makkonen
Principal Scientist – climate change, modelling, statistical interpretation of climate data, arctic construction.

• Mrs. Maria Tikanmäki
Research Scientist – climate change, modelling, implementation to design