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Contain - Monitoring and tracking of shipping containers

A container is the most important cargo transport equipment. Approximately 70 % of cargo in the world is transported in containers. Containers are everywhere. Thanks to containers, cargo can be easily transported and handled everywhere. The flip side is that containers can also cause security threats. They can be used for smuggling both illegal objects and immigrants. They also enable terrorist threats and unwanted movements of toxic waste.

Contain project works for enhanced container security. It will specify and demonstrate a European Shipping Container Surveillance system and produce recommendations for authorities. Contain also deals with security related business models. Secure Multimodal Corridor Design and Chain Monitoring & Control will be demonstrated at Interporto Bologna.

Contain has 19 project partners from EU and Norway. These include ports, transport companies, ICT companies, consultancies and research institutes. VTT’s main activities in Contain are:

  • Container monitoring and scanning technologies

  • Tracking and intrusion detection technologies

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