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Co-ordination action on risks, evolution of threats and context assessment by an enlarged network for an R&D roadmap

VTT is participating in the EU-funded security related project known as CRESCENDO.

The project objectives are:

›› To strengthen, enlarge and render sustainable the networks created by SeNTRE and STACCATO with Associated Countries

›› To analyse the evolution of threats (aggressions) and risks (accidents) assessment taking into account the balance between security and civil liberties

›› To analyse the policies, the regulations and standardisation and encourage the harmonisation of European-wide security related regulations and standards by benefiting from the ongoing national and European relevant activities with the support of CEN in connection with existing networks and associations,

›› To analyse the innovation process (the demand the supply chain and the links between actors Academia, RTOs, Industries, SMEs, Service sector and End-users)

›› To elaborate recommendations for some key themes for the Security Research Programme such as emerging technologies, maturity of current systems and areas of improvement, evolution of standards to enhance systems connectivity, regulatory issues if any across EU27 and associated countries in an integrated roadmap

›› To advise on the implications for future programmes as well as on the best way to continue the network and optimise the dialogue between all stakeholders.