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DuraInt 2008 - 2011

DuraInt - Effect of interacted deterioration parameters on service life of concrete structures in cold environments

The three-year project “Effect of Interacted Deterioration Parameters on Service Life of Concrete Structures in Cold Environments” (DuraInt, 2008-2011) was done to address the concrete-industry’s need for understanding combined deterioration attack on concrete. The DuraInt project was funded by TEKES (Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation) together with the Finnish Transport Agency (FTA) and companies. The project was done at both VTT and Aalto University, as well as some concrete production by industry partners. The research included testing over 40 mixtures in laboratory tests as well as in-situ real-time exposure testing at two Finnish field stations.  The studies are taken into account simultaneous frost or salt-frost deterioration, chloride penetration and carbonation of different concretes. The projects also consider alternative binder materials, concrete mix designs and changing environmental conditions.

This project was built on the foundation of over 20 years of durability research, especially in the field of frost resistance and carbonation. The strongest links are to the following four projects on concrete durability assessed in both laboratory and field conditions:

  • Nordic project BTB (Beständighet hos Tösaltad Betong), Durability of concrete, starting 1996.
  • EU cooperative project CONLIFE (2001 – 2004): Life-time prediction of high-performance concrete with respect to durability.
  • Finnish project: Ympäristöystävälliset ja hyvin säilyvät betonit (2002 – 2004), Environmentally-friendly and durable concretes.
  • Concrete durability field testing, DURAFIELD (2007-2009).

From these four earlier projects, there are over 100 different concrete mixtures that have been tested in both laboratory and field stations starting from the year 1998. It is envisioned that the monitoring and use of data generated in Duraint and these earlier four projects will still continue far into the future.