Q: What’s the expectation of Finnish companies?

A: The issue is addressed in Section 6.2. In this project, the expectation of Finnish companies can be summarized here: 

  • To find suitable partners regarding technology and marketing issues, e.g. distributors, manufactory

  • To identify the cut in point of Chinese markets

  • To establish long term cooperation with Chinese research institute, like with VTT in Finland

  • To be aware of economical status, market volume and competitors of specific fields in each city

  • To be involved into those demonstrations in different cities

  • To test their products in the demonstration projects and see the performance of the Finnish products in Chinese buildings

  • To learn the end users’ habits and consumers’ favourite

  • To know the governmental polices and local regulations with respect of selling and producing

Q: How Finnish companies can get benefit from EESCU project?

A: To be involved in some EcoCity projects in different cities operated by different real estate companies: 

Shanghai: Landsea Ltd. and Green Land Ltd. (two MoUs were signed in Sep. 2010)

Dalian: Rightway Ltd (had two meetings in Dalian during the trip in China 12-14.9.2010)

Shenyang: Vanke Ltd (Prof. Feng from Shengyang has discussed with Vanke)

Beijing : (need to specify later on) 

Q: How VTT can ensure the application of those integrated solutions?

A: Sign MoU with those real estate companies with the help of local partner: 

Tongji University 1

Dalian University of Technology (DUT) 2

Shenyang Jianzhu University (SJZU) 3

Beijing Institute for Real Estate Science and Technology (BIREST) 4 

Q: Who will be the developer and who will be the investor in the EESCU project?

A: VTT with Chinese partners is the developer of EESCU project, Chinese local real estate companies are the investor to demonstrate the integrated solutions. 

Q: How VTT can ensure the usage of Finnish products in the demonstration part of the project?

A: After sign the MoU, second step VTT will prepare an agreement with Chinese real estate companies regarding the commitment to apply EESCU results in their own EcoCity or Eco District project. In the agreement, VTT will make a procurement processes embedded with those integrated solutions in the agreement. The procurement processes should ensure the usage of Finnish products in the demonstration of EESCU project.

At the same time, VTT has signed MoUs with local Chinese government regarding the development of local building standards. VTT is committed to the improvement of the Chinese building standards according the latest results achieved in EU and Finland. The agreement with Chinese government will pave the road to utilize Finnish building technologies and products in those demonstration projects. 

Thus, we have comprehensive plan to ensure the usage of Finnish products in EESCU project from both economic and political perspective. 

Q: Who will pay the cost of the demonstration?

A: Local investor will pay the construction cost of the demonstration, instead of EESCU project. 

Q: What kind of buildings will be chosen as demonstration? Since Finnish companies has a demo in Expo, so it will be more interesting that EESCU have other options. 

A: Different of buildings will be studied in EESCU project, e.g. new buildings in WP2, district in WP3, and exist office building in WP3. So various options are available for Finnish companies. 

Q: How to deal with the potential issues of Finnish companies’s competitors in EESCU project?

A: VTT have selected four cities in China and different types of applications. This will, definitely, avoid potential conflict regarding EESCU project.  

Comments from Finnish companies: The solutions of the EESCU project can be accessed by most Chinese partners, but the design processes, implementation of the solutions in the construction phase and the building technologies should be secured to some extend for next project. We should not be totally opened in a way we can survive in the building market.  

The author acknowledges the contribution of those who were involved the discussions regarding EESCU project development. Looking forward to starting the cooperation with YOU soon.