1 Overall benefit

It is the best time to help China to mitigate the Global warming by the increasing Green House Gas emission, since the fact we could not neglect: the buildings sector of China will exceed 30% total energy consumption by 2010 with the existing building area of 40 billion m2 and new construction annually 2 billion m2. By year 2015, half of the world’s new building construction will take place in China. Furthermore, VTT has one of the best teams in the world regarding the development of the eco efficient solutions for urbanization.

In addition, EESCU project will be the extension of eCiTe project, which is funded by Tekes to tighten, test and promote the network and collaboration established by eCiTe project with added value. In addition, the EESCU project can improve the competence and capability of Finnish individual building & environmental company significantly to compete with other international giant counterparts, e.g. from USA, UK, Germany, France and Japan.

2 Benefit for society

The EESCU project aims at a significant cut of energy consumption by providing a wide range of eco efficient solutions to Chinese building sector together with Chinese partners. The pay-back period of those eco efficient solutions is estimated as 5–8 years. However, it is not always easy to understand in beforehand the consequences of different solutions in different areas with various economic conditions. New concept and knowledge of eco strategies in urbanization will help the community and building owners in realising their dreams about better building environment and better life.

The current research project aims at integrating client needs in the construction process and adding values to the processes and outcomes of the specific sector. The most significant benefits for society are listed below.

  • Clean environment: The reduction in energy consumption will reduce the CO2 emissions, and subsequently the greenhouse effect.

  • Better living comfort: Cool offices in the summer, with minimum energy.

  • Increase in employment: At this time, there is a huge lack in the market for engineers and building specialists who know how to design and construct buildings and district by eco efficient solutions.

  • More independency from high energy prices.

Moreover, the LCA results will help the development of new business concept regarding the implementation of novel cooling strategies. The service also has to cover funding aspects in order to cover all the needs of the office owners. Many actors could see interest in developing such a business: Entrepreneurs, Building material retail chain, Joint cooperation of building products suppliers, Architect/building engineering companies, ESCOs (Energy Service Companies)

3 Benefit for Finnish industry

During the period of visit in Dalian and Shanghai in China 12-19.09.2010, two MoU were signed by VTT, Tongji University and real estate companies regarding the demonstration of EESCU project. The demonstration will provide chances for companies to show the high performance of their products in Chinese markets without intensive price competition. By attending this project, Finnish companies will get right to access to VTT multifunctional consortium and project alliances aiming at feasible and bankable High-Tech EcoCity projects, can find suitable business partners with the social and technical support of Chinese Universities, will be aware of available technologies, models and services for High-Tech EcoCity in Chinese markets, will be familiar to specified needs for product development for local business environment, and links and contacts to Chinese companies, research organizations and authorities, and will have lowered risk to penetrate Chinese market.

This project will bring a wide social and technological network with a large amount of markets opportunities to Finnish companies. The markets opportunities will be provide by Chinese partners with local governmental and industrial support specified in Table 1and Table 2. Finnish companies will attend those workshops and seminars organized in the project. In the demonstration part, Finnish companies will be involved in implementation of Eco Efficient solution collaborated with Chinese partners.

4 Benefit for future research and development

The meaning of the project for future R&D regarding science and technology is to find cost efficient technological solutions replace low-tech applications and to show the ways to get sustainable development in China by demonstrations for the future. The project also will find ways to approach the sustainable development in the fast urbanizations in China, which is a pattern of resource use that aims to meet human needs while preserving the environment so that these needs can be met not only in the present, but also for future generations.

The eco efficient solutions will be in line with the principle of the sustainable development, which ties together concern for the carrying capacity of natural systems with the social challenges facing humanity. The field of sustainable development can be conceptually broken into three constituent parts: environmental sustainability, economic sustainability and socio-political sustainability.

5 Relevance for the Finnish business sector

When the owners of real estate, companies and buildings have an easy access to the eco efficiency improvement measures, they will choose these options more often, which in turn will increase the sustainability of the society. This project serves as a project incubator for co-operation between the Chinese and Finnish industries and stakeholders to promote the Finnish industry to be successful in China regarding the EcoCity/Village project development. The project aims at environmentally, ethically and economically sustainable co-operation between the Finnish and Chinese research institutes and industries. The main benefits for Finnish industries are:

  • to access to VTT multifunctional consortium and project alliances aiming at feasible and bankable High-Tech EcoCity projects

  • to be aware of available technologies, models and services for projects development implementing the concept of High-Tech EcoCity in China

  • to be familiar to specified needs for product development for local business environment, and links and contacts to Chinese companies, research organizations and authorities.

  • lowered risk to penetrate Chinese market

A Finnish industry delegation leaded by VTT visited Dalian and Shanghai in China, 12-19.9.2010, to prompts Finnish-Chinese business network in terms of integrated building system solutions. Two technological workshops were organized in Dalian and Shang by Chinese local universities, DUT and Tongji. The visit is belonging to one VTT project, eCiTe project, which is funded by Tekes - the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation. As the extension of the eCiTe project, Eco Efficient Solutions for China’s Urbanization (EESCU) is prepared and developed together with Chinese-Finnish partners in the two workshops during the period of visit. The feedback of eCiTe workshops in Dalian and Shanghai just proved the relevance of EESCU project for Finnish business sector.