(1.10.2010 - 31.3.2013)

Management of the project resources to ensure that the project runs smoothly as planned and that the resources are used optimally to reach the objectives. This comprises the project coordination, the handling of all the financial and administrative issues and review of the reports. One Steering Group, namely steering committee, will be organized with participation of Finnish companies in this project.

The steering committee has four tasks:

  1. Approve the detailed project plan.

  2. Oversee the current status of the work including budgets/accounts and progress reports.

  3. Organise and coordinate the activities in the work packages.

  4. Approve the final deliverables and closing of EESCU project.

Decisions on the project will be made by the steering committee in consensus. In case of disagreement, the project coordinator will make a decision after due consideration of arguments. In case of insurmountable disagreement or missing deliverables the funding agencies may be asked to intervene.

The steering committee will meet every 6 months in conjunction with the collective work group meetings. The project manager/coordinator will take minutes from the meetings in the steering committee and distribute to all partners. Comments and recommendations from the steering committee will also feed back into the work groups through the coordinators of the work packages and the mutual participation of main partners in all work groups.


D8.1-D8.8: Steering committee meetings every 6 month in conjunction partly with internal EESCU meetings.

D8.9-D8.15: EESCU meetings every six month. Meetings will be arranged in turn by each partner.

D8.16-D8.23: Progress reporting every 6 month including an overall status report delivered to the secretariat every 12 months with the final report at the end of the project.

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