The project will run for four years, 1.10.2010 - 31.3.2013, and will be divided into eight Work Packages. Based on the objectives of the project, the structure of the project is illustrated in figure below. On the left WP8 is visualized: the project management, which concerns the project as a whole. On the very right there is WP7: dissemination. Dissemination activities will take place during the running of the project and in particular in the last phase, when results can be shown to the professional world. In the centre of the figure two vertical areas have been drawn: the Technical area and the Economics & demonstration area. The three level activities are presented in the figure and show the structure of the whole project.


Links to workpackages:

WP1. Inventory analysis (Leader: VTT, Finland)

WP2. NetZero energy building and low exergy technologies and solutions (Leader: VTT and Tongji)

WP3. Integrated renewable energy system (Leader: VTT and DUT)

WP4. Large scale retrofit technologies and solutions (Leader: VTT and SJZU)

WP5. New business solutions including LCA (Leader: VTT and Tongji)

WP6. Demonstration (Leader: Tongji, DUT, SJZU and BIREST)

WP7. Dissemination (Leader: VTT, Finland)

WP8. Management (Leader: VTT, Finland)