(29.10.2010 - 1.6.2011)

Task and contents:

As the basis of WP2, 3, 4 and 5, WP1 will create a solid foundation for implementation of High-Tech EcoCity in China. In WP1, a technology database will be constructed to facilitate the state of the art and research and development challenges of the High-Tech EcoCity technologies and procedures. An inventory analysis of technologies in China and in Finland will be carried out with Chinese partners. Different level of technology and current operational models will be analysed by visiting companies and construction sites. Competence topics of WP1 include: Thermal Comfort & IAQ, Building Physics, Building climate, Eco targets, simulation and LCA (decision support), Building Automation & BIM in processes, Energy Audit and Management Procedures and Standard Development. Figure (open here) shows the main inventory for EcoCity/village, which includes community for users, sustainable buildings, sustainable building technologies, infrastructure, transport, education and tools.


Specified short-medium-long -term scientific research agenda for joint activities between VTT and Chinese partners meeting the needs of joint industrial clusters will be developed during the period of WP1. An informative technology database will be constructed with comprehensive analysis of applicability of various Finnish products in Chinese market in line with the implementation of the concept of High-Tech EcoCity.


D1.1: Description of the inventory analysis (31.12.2010)

D1.2: Final database of the technology inventory (1.6.2011)

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