How your enterprise can benefit

The Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research (ISI) offers the opportunity for enterprises of the manufacturing industries to compare your innovation strategy and performance with thousands of other manufacturing firms in a tailor-made reference group on the basis of different benchmarking indicators. Fraunhofer ISI has decades of experience in the assessing manufacturing firms’ innovation and competitive performance.

For those manufacturing managers that fully participate in our survey, the benchmarking tool is free of charge. The normal price of this service is € 750,- plus VAT.

Built on sound experience with scientifically robust methods, the benchmarking tool can help your company areas for improvement and optimization, thereby enhancing competitive advantage. Specifically, your enterprise will have the opportunity to compare itself with other firms or competitors based on a set of scientifically approved, fact-based and meaningful databases that are not affected or biased by management fashion, commercial-, or third-party interests.

The Benchmarking Portal can be found here