Helsinki – the white daughter of the Baltic Sea

Helsinki with the metropolitan area is a meeting point between East and West. In addition to its distinctive urban culture and unique location, Helsinki has many assets as a travel destination including:

  • design

  • architecture

  • friendly locals

  • food culture

  • events

  • maritime appeal

  • compact size

  • beautiful nature

You can join a city sightseeing group, visit the artists’ home residences - that of Jean Sibelius for example - enjoy museums, culture, and night life. For details please see

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St. Petersburg - Russia’s window to West

One of the world's most beautiful cities, St. Petersburg founded by Peter the Great in 1703 has all the ingredients for an unforgettable travel experience: high art, lavish architecture, wild nightlife, an extraordinary history and rich cultural traditions that have inspired and nurtured some of the modern world's greatest literature, music, and visual art. From the mysterious twilight of the White Nights to world-beating opera and ballet productions on magical winter evenings, St. Petersburg charms and entices in every season. For centuries St. Petersburg was “a window to Europe” for Russians. Today the city is a gateway to Russia for us.

St. Petersburg is a city of infinite charm with its majestic palaces, churches and cathedrals, river embankments, beautiful parks and innumerable bridges - a city of imperial proportions and romantic vistas - which has been a source of inspiration to generations of artists. One of the pleasures of travelling is shopping. Everything can be found on Nevsky Prospekt, the 5 km long main street of the city: international fashion, furs, cosmetics, porcelain, crystal, traditional souvenirs, caviar, vodka and Russian champagne.

Saint Petersburg

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Tallinn - the capital of a Baltic Republic

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia, one of the three Baltic Republics which regained independence in 1991 after the Soviet regime. Like most cities with an eight-hundred-year-old past, Tallinn is a patchwork of historic areas. The city´s pride and joy is without a doubt its Medieval Old Town with twisting cobblestone lanes and iron street lamps, the Gothic spires and medieval markets. Cappuccino and Wi-Fi. This is the city's famous Old Town. The fact that it's all neatly packaged within a mostly-intact city wall and dotted with guard towers gives it an extra dose of fairy-tale charm. If you're looking for that mix of historic ambience and cutting-edge culture that defines Tallinn, you'll find it here.


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