Team leader
Dr. Serge Rezzi
Nestlé Research Center
Case Postale 44
1000 Lausanne 26

As part of Nestlé, international food, nutrition and well being company, the Nestlé Research Center (NESTEC) covers a wide range of expertise in nutrition, immunology, allergy, microbiology, biochemistry, food science, food quality and safety and nutrigenomics technologies. The NESTEC employs over 500 scientists and technicians.

The team has a unique expertise in metabolic analysis using the metabonomics approach. Metabonomics research addresses the metabolic understanding of human with foods and its consequences in health maintenance. The main scientific goal is to characterize the metabolic health of individuals in relation with dietary patterns and environmental factors. This is particularly carried out through the metabolic determination of the complex metabolic interactions between gut microbiota and host physiological processes. The "Metabonomics and Biomarkers" group of NRC comprises fifteen senior scientists, post-doctoral fellows, research students and technical support. From a technological aspect, the group has access to two high resolution NMR (600MHz) spectrometers and various MS instruments (UPLC-TOF-MS, GC/GC-TOF-MS, HPLC-MSn, GC-MS, GC-IRMS, HPLC-IRMS). Furthermore, the team is composed by biologists, microbiologists, analytical chemists and statisticians, which is unique in joining complementary expertise for data generation, analysis and biochemical interpretation.

Key people in the team

  • Dr. Serge Rezzi

  • Dr. Francois-Pierre Martin

  • Dr. Sunil Kochhar

Selected publications

  • Martin FP, Wang Y, Sprenger N, Yap IK, Lundstedt T, Lek P, Rezzi S, Ramadan Z, van Bladeren P, Fay LB, Kochhar S, Lindon JC, Holmes E, Nicholson JK, Probiotic modulation of symbiotic gut microbial-host metabolic interactions in a humanized microbiome mouse model. Mol Syst Biol 4, e157 (2008).

  • Rezzi S, Ramadan Z, Martin FP, Fay LB, van Bladeren P, Lindon JC, Nicholson JK, Kochhar S, Human metabolic phenotypes link directly to specific dietary preferences in healthy individuals. J Proteome Res 6, 4469-4477 (2007).

  • Kochhar S, Jacobs DM, Ramadan Z, Berruex F, Fuerholz A, Fay LB, Probing gender-specific metabolism differences in humans by nuclear magnetic resonance-based metabonomics. Anal Biochem 352, 274-281 (2006).

  • Martin FP, Dumas ME, Wang Y, Legido-Quigley C, Yap IK, Tang H, Zirah S, Murphy GM, Cloarec O, Lindon JC, Sprenger N, Fay LB, Kochhar S, van Bladeren P, Holmes E, Nicholson JK, A top-down systems biology view of microbiome-mammalian metabolic interactions in a mouse model. Mol Syst Biol 3, e112 (2007).

  • Wang Y, Lawler D, Larson B, Ramadan Z, Kochhar S, Holmes E, Nicholson JK, Metabonomic investigations of aging and caloric restriction in a life-long dog study. J Proteome Res 6, 1846-1854 (2007).