Team leader
Dr. Julio Font, CEO and founder of NorayBio
Noray Bioinformatics, S.L.U.
Parque Tecnológico
Edificio 801A 2°
48160 Derio - Bizkaia, SPAIN
Phone: +34 944 036 998, Fax: +34 944 036 997

Noray Bioinformatics, S.L. (NorayBio) is a Spanish SME founded in 2002. The company is located in the Technology Park of Bizkaia, Spain, and works in the field of Bioinformatics. NorayBio mission is to provide IT support to the bioscience sector through the design, development and implementation of tailored software.

NorayBio staff covers different and complementary background of experts in biotechnology sector (biologist and bioinformatics), IT development (Computer and Technical engineers) and Data analysis (Applied Biostatistics and Physics). NorayBio develops and commercializes two kinds of products:

  • Specific software for biological data analysis and management: Bioinformatics software for "in vitro" ADME-TOX studies, biobanks (data management, samples traceability...), animal facilities, and functional genomics.

  • Software platforms for integration and communication of biosciences projects: High throughput screening genotyping platforms, proteomic data management and integration sofware platform (HUPO international project), bioprospection software platforms for new bioactive compounds, systems Biology software platforms (liver diseases...).

Key people in the team

  • Aitzol Illarramendi; Biology BSc, responsible of Proteomics and Systems Biology.

  • David Fernandez; Physics BsC, responsible of Mathematical Modelling and Statistical Studies.

  • Miren Iosune Yarza; Computer Engineer.

  • Ignacio Mendiguren; Computing engineer.