Team leader
Prof. Marta Cascante, PhD
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Avda Diagonal 645
Edifici Nou, pltes -1, -2
08028, Barcelona, SPAIN

The U. of Barcelona is a public University (65000 students and 5000 R&D personnel) whose basic activities are higher education and scientific research. UB manages about 150 European projects per year. Dept. of Biochemistry and Mol. Biol. at Faculty of Biology has an excellent range of facilities for systems biology andin particular for metabolic profile and bioinformatics.

The team has extensive experience in modelling biological processes relevant to different pathologies in the framework of translational research projects. Prof. Cascante has been the pioneer in contributing to the development of Metabolic Control Analysis (MCT or MCA) within the framework of Systems Biology. Nowadays the team is developing new in silico tools to integrate kinetic and experimental data obtained in tracer-based metabolomics in models of altered cell metabolism, which have proved to be very useful for the analysis and understanding of metabolic network regulation. Furthermore, in the last years the team has developped and applied methods for metabolic flux quantification in different cellular models. Centralized supercomputing platforms will be available to the project. Supercomputing facilites, appropiate software as well as bioinformatics expertise and technical support are available in our research team to support biological process modelling required in this project.

Key people in the team

  • Marta Cascante, Dr, Full Professor, Systems Biology-Metabolomics

  • Vitaly Selivanov, Dr, Scientist, Bioinformatics-Metabolomics-Modelling

  • Silvia Marin, Dr, Scientist, Metabolomics-Bioinformatics

  • Josep Centelles, Dr, Professor, Biochemistry

  • Pedro de Atauri, Dr, Scientist, Modelling-Bioinformatics

Selected publications

  • Vizán P, Alcarraz-Vizán G, Díaz-Moralli S, Rodríguez-Prados JC, Zanuy M, Centelles JJ, Jáuregui O, Cascante M, Quantification of intracellular phosphorylated carbohydrates in HT29 human colon adenocarcinoma cell line using liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry. Anal Chem 79, 5000-5005 (2007).

  • Selivanov VA, Krause S, Roca J, Cascante M, Modeling of spatial metabolite distributions in the cardiac sarcomere. Biophys J 92, 3492-3500 (2007).

  • Lizarraga D, Lozano C, Briedé JJ, van Delft JH, Touriño S, Centelles JJ, Torres JL, Cascante M, The importance of polymerization and galloylation for the antiproliferative properties of procyanidin-rich natural extracts. FEBS J 274, 4802-4811 (2007).

  • Selivanov VA, Marin S, Lee PW, Cascante M, Software for dynamic analysis of tracer-based metabolomic data: estimation of metabolic fluxes and their statistical analysis. Bioinformatics 22, 2806-2812 (2006).

  • de Atauri P, Ramírez MJ, Kuchel PW, Carreras J, Cascante M, Metabolic homeostasis in the human erythrocyte: in silico analysis. Biosystems 83, 118-124 (2006).