Team leader
Prof. Jan Jan Borén, PhD
The Wallenberg Laboratory
Sahlgrenska University Hospital
SE413 45 Göteborg

University of Gothenburg is the largest university in Scandinavia. The Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg has a long-standing focus and a strong international reputation in metabolic and cardiovascular diseases.

Dr. Jan Borén investigates the role of apoB-containing lipoproteins in lipid physiology and elucidates the molecular mechanism by which the apoB-containing lipoproteins induce atherosclerosis. The team uses a wide range of technologies such as expression analysis, conventional and conditional gene targeting in mice, gene transfer, laser-capture microdissection, cell sorting, mass-spectrometry-based lipid analysis, biochemistry, cell biology, computer modelling, and bioinformatics.

Key people in the team

  • Dr. Jan Borén, Professor in cardiovascular research

  • Dr. Sven-Olof Olofsson, Professor of cardiovascular biochemistry

  • Dr. Martin Adiels, multicompartment modelling

  • Thomas Larsson, proteomics and lipid analysis

Selected publications

  • Adiels M, Taskinen MR, Packard C, Caslake MJ, Soro-Paavonen A, Westerbacka J, Vehkavaara S, Hakkinen A, Olofsson SO, Yki-Jarvinen H, Boren J. Overproduction of large VLDL particles is driven by increased liver fat content in man. Diabetologia 49, 755-765 (2006).

  • Adiels M, Westerbacka J, Soro-Paavonen A, Hakkinen AM, Vehkavaara S, Caslake MJ, Packard C, Olofsson SO, Yki-Jarvinen H, Taskinen MR, Boren J. Acute suppression of VLDL(1) secretion rate by insulin is associated with hepatic fat content and insulin resistance. Diabetologia 50, 2356-2365 (2007).

  • Gustafsson M, Levin M, Skalen K, Perman J, Friden V, Jirholt P, Olofsson SO, Fazio S, Linton MF, Semenkovich CF, Olivecrona G, Boren J. Retention of low-density lipoprotein in atherosclerotic lesions of the mouse: evidence for a role of lipoprotein lipase. Circ Res 101, 777-783 (2007).

  • Bostrom P, Andersson L, Rutberg M, Perman J, Lidberg U, Johansson BR, Fernandez-Rodriguez J, Ericson J, Nilsson T, Boren J, Olofsson SO. SNARE proteins mediate fusion between cytosolic lipid droplets and are implicated in insulin sensitivity. Nat Cell Biol 9,1286-1293 (2007).

  • Adiels M, Olofsson SO, Taskinen MR, Boren J. Overproduction of VLDL particles is the hallmark of the dyslipidemia in the metabolic syndrome. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. In Press.