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NMHT-VI: Nanoscale and Microscale Heat Transfer 2018

Keynote lectures


Colin  Lambert (homepage)
University of Lancaster, UK

Mauro Paternostro (homepage)
Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland

Eric Pop (homepage)
Stanford University, USA

Pramod Reddy (homepage
University of Michigan, USA

Eli Zeldov (homepage)
Weizmann Institute, Israel

Colin Lambert​An introduction to molecular-scale thermoelectricity​Quantum-interference-enhanced thermoelectricity and heat transfer in single-molecule junctions
Mauro Paternostro​Irreversible entropy production in non-equilibrium quantum system​Using quantum resources in work-extraction games
​Eric Pop​Fundamental, thermal, and energy limits of phase-change memory

​Thermal and related properties of 2D materials and devices

Pramod Reddy​Nanoscale thermal radiation​Energy transport and conversion at the nanoscale
Eli Zeldov​Scanning nanoSQUID-on-tip magnetic and thermal imaging​Nanoscale cryogenic thermal imaging: glimpse into dissipation in quantum systems down to atomic scale