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NMHT-VI: Nanoscale and Microscale Heat Transfer 2018



Bluefors manufactures ultra-low temperature refrigeration systems and the company has a strong focus in the fields of quantum and nanotechnology. We are dedicated to delivering the most reliable and easy-to-operate cryogen-free dilution refrigerator systems on the market. We offer a wide range of options such as wiring, optical fiber and magnet integration as well as fast sample exchange solutions.

Our strong focus on R&D enables us to constantly improve our systems and to develop new products for fulfilling the needs and requirements of the growing quantum and nanotechnology community.

Bluefors – Cool for Progress.



Picosun offers AGILE ALD™ solutions for companies driven by innovation.

Picosun is a leading supplier of high quality Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) thin film coating technology for semiconductor and other industries.

PICOSUN™ ALD equipment portfolio ranges from fully automated, SEMI compliant batch and cluster systems for high volume manufacturing to smaller scale R&D and pre-pilot production tools. Production-proven coating solutions for IC, MEMS, LED, sensor, and 3D component processing are mastered with world-class process quality, the leading equipment design, and the most comprehensive process support and customer care.



Founded in 2010, Sulava Oy is a growth company and a trendsetter in the information work of the digital era. Sulava's services and solutions promote a new kind of work culture, which has the efficient utilisation of cloud services and social technologies at its core. Sulava combines deep knowledge in information technology, information work and communications in particular.

Sulava helps customers move from old working methods to a more productive work culture of the digital era – with our focus being on people. Projects implemented by Sulava continue well past the point where others tend to wrap their own projects up: after the purchases have been made and the systems deployed. This is the time when the real value of the IT projects for a company's business operations is measured.



Kittilä is a lively municipality in Fell Lapland, a home to about 6500 people. Thanks to its excellent location, versatile services, working connections and fabulous natural surroundings, the area offers good circumstances for inhabitants, travellers and companies.

The eight northern seasons captivate imagination from the polar night to the midnight sun, from early spring to the dazzling colours of autumn. The landscape is shaped by several magnificent fells together with the grand and free-flowing river Ounasjoki that runs through the municipality. Nature, several programme services and cultural activities provide the area with a versatile selection of possibilities for leisure-time activities.  


The University of Jyväskylä JYU is an internationally renowned research university that focuses on human and natural sciences. JYU has 15 000 degree students and 2 500 personnel. Nanoscience research at the University of Jyväskylä takes place at the Nanoscience Center (NSC) founded in 2004 as an interdisciplinary research unit and supported by the participating Departments of Physics, Chemistry and Biology and Environmental Science. Currently, 16 professors and about 130 researchers work at NSC. 



​VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd is one of the leading research and technology organisations in Europe. Our research and innovation services give our partners, both private and public, all over the world a competitive edge. We pave the way for the future by developing new smart technologies, profitable solutions and innovation services.

We create technology for business – for the benefit of society.



The Federation of Finnish Learned Societies, established in 1899, is a national co-operative body for learned societies in Finland. It contributes to the co-operation between learned societies, supports and develops scholarly communication and publishing, and promotes awareness and usage of research results. It also supports and develops the role of its members in science policy discussion.



Project EFINED - Energy Filtering Non-Equilibrium Devices
EFINED aims for revolutionary energy filtering nano-devices for information and communications technology (ICT), sensing, and imaging. It is at the intersection of phononics, photonics, nanoscale electro-thermal devices and molecular engineering. The project is supported by European Union Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Open under Horizon 2020 programme.

EFINED is being carried out by a consortium of 5 partners representing a European-wide community of experts on state-of-the-art molecular synthesis, micro and nano devices, bolometers, scanning probe microscopy technologies and theoretical modelling. 



​Quantum Technology Finland (QTF) brings together scientific and technological excellence and cutting-edge research infrastructures, to harness quantum phenomena in solid-state-based quantum devices and applications. Around 100 researchers from Aalto University, University of Turku and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland work together for the joint goals of the centre. QTF aims to introduce novel approaches for control of quantum coherence and dissipation, and to develop new and improved quantum circuits and hybrid architectures.