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FinnFusion 2016

Seminar programme

DAY 1      Monday, 23 May, 2016

12:00-13:30       Lunch, Registration, in Student Union House

13:30-15:30       Presentations of the FinnFusion Consortium and its projects                    
                             Chair: Tuomas Tala

Liisa-Maija Sainio, LUTLUT Welcoming Words
Tuomas Tala, VTT  News from ITER, EUROFUSION and FinnFusion
Huapeng Wu , LUTLUT Fusion Activities
Seppo Sipilä, AaltoF4E Riplos Project
​Outi Venho-Ahonen, VTTDemo RH – Reliability Driven R&D
Andrea Sand, UH Fusion research activities at UH
Sami Kiviluoto, Fortum Applying Apros in System Level Simulation and Analysis of Fusion DEMO Reactor


15:30-16:00       Coffee Break, Student Union House

16:00-17:30       Presentations from EUROfusion and FinnFusion students on their research projects
                             Chair:   Mathias Groth

Shanshuang Shi, LUT

Control of remote controlled robot for fusion reactors
Longchuan Niu, TUTComputer Aided Teleoperation utilizing 3D scene construction by stereo camera
Janne Koivumäki, TUT Stability-Guaranteed Force-Sensorless Contact Force/Motion Control of Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Manipulators
Elnaz Safi, UH Multiscale modelling of Be-D interactions under reactor relevant parameters
Fredric Granberg, UH Interaction mechanisms of edge dislocations with obstacles in Fe and metal alloys
Jesper Byggmästar, UH Multiscale modelling of radiation effects in fusion reactor materials
Aki Lahtinen, UH Material transport and erosion in plasma-facing components
Juuso Karhunen, AaltoSpectroscopic studies of material migration and deposition in fusion devices
Konsta Särkimäki, Aalto Runaway electrons in ITER
Paavo Niskala, Aalto Study of flow dynamics and its effect on confinement in tokamaks
Yongbo Wang, LUTEUROfusion Researcher Grant: Static and Dynamic Parameter Calibration of Multipurpose Deployer for DEMO In-Vessel Remote Maintenance
Ming Li, LUT EUROfusion Engineering Grant: Design of control systems for remote handling of large components


19:30                Seminar Dinner – Restaurant Kehruuhuone


DAY 2     Tuesday, 24 May, 2016

08:30-9:00       Visit to LUT Fusion Facility / Intelligent Machines Laboratory, Skinnarilankatu 34

9:00-12:45       International (outside EU) Collaboration and New Fusion Devices     
                          Chair: Heikki Handroos

9:00Markus Airila, VTTOverall Picture on How FinnFusion is Connected to International Collaboration
9.15Taina Kurki-Suonio, AaltoFusion with a Twist: Wendelstein 7-X Rocks!
9.45Michele Romanelli, CCFE, United KingdomJT-60SA - a European Tokamak Will Start Operation in 2019 in Naka, Japan
​10.15​Jari Likonen, VTTEU-Japan collaboration - Tritium analysis of JET ILW tiles under Broader Approach
10.40 Coffee Break, Student Union House  
11.00Shanshuang Shi, ASIPP, Hefei, ChinaEAST Tokamak and CFETR, " Chinese Demo Device"
11.30Mathias Groth, AaltoEU-US collaboration on detachment studies in the DIII-D tokamak
11.50Antti Salmi, VTT

EU-US Tokamak Experiments Collaboration on DIII-D

12.10Alexey Gurchenko, Ioffe Institute, St. Petersburg, RussiaFinnish-Russian Collaboration: Reflectometry Turbulence Measurements & ELMFIRE Validation on FT-2 Tokamak in St. Petersburg
12.30Atte Helminen, VTTApplying Finnish safety and RAMI procedures to IFMIF-DONES in the EUROfusion Work Package Early Neutron Source
13.00End of Day 2 


13:00 - 13.45       Lunch, Student Union House